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Cleaning Process
What you expect American Carpet Cleaning Technicians to do for your Carpets:
Inspect your carpet to ensure the best cleaning method and results,
Pre-treat spots and stains as necessary,
Pre-apply carpet cleaning solution to loosen soil in the carpet,
Rinse and extract with clear water to ensure that the cleaning solution and soil are removed along with the rinse water, leaving a clean, residue-free carpet,
Rake carpet after cleaning to align fibers for even appearance,
Re-treat spots and stains when necessary,
Apply carpet protector (when requested),
Move and replace furniture in its original position, American Carpet Cleaning technicians do not move large pieces of furniture such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, armoires, pianos, etc
Place blocks and/or foil under furniture legs to protect carpet during the drying process.
Cleaning Process
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